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It is normal for people to get speeding tickets when they drive past specified limits on highways. It is not a serious offence, but it can hurt you financially. It is not just a matter of coughing up money from your wallet, and it also raises the insurance amount of your car. What is worse is that at stake is a driver’s track record of driving.

Every driver wants to keep his driving history as neat and clean as possible therefore options for speeding tickets should be looked into very carefully. In the US there are different options available for those who receive a speeding ticket. Heavy fines hurt people financially which is why the government has proposed alternative possibilities for speeding ticket holders to be able to reduce their heavy penalties.

The most popular way of reducing the fine is by working for no profit organisations engaged in community services. These services reduce the amount of punishment depending on the number of hours the driver opts for them. It is not just picking up garbage as one can choose to serve in a nursing home, or teach in a community school. As described above, money earned is in proportion to the number of hours put in and are deducted from the amount of the speeding offence solicitors fees for the services to the driver.

The option of offering community services instead of paying a fine amount for speeding ticket is best suited for those who are unemployed and students. Culprits of speeding pay off their fines by doing something worthwhile for the society which is appreciated by all. Those who opt for such a scheme also get the benefit of such speeding not mentioned in their track record thus keeping their insurance rates down.

At times, a driver who has received speeding ticket thinks that community service or even speeding awareness courses is a menial process, and it is better to pay fine, but it is often not the right thinking. Opting to contribute to community service serves its purpose well and leads to character improvement of the driver while at the same time helping him financially. It also saves from the extra financial load that speeding ticket put on the driver.

Opting for the driving school is another way to pay off the speeding ticket fine, but in this option, one has to pay the fees of the school. This option is costlier, but many opt for it as it as they consider it better than doing community service and it also helps to keep their insurance rates down.

According to the statistics teenagers with new driving, licenses form the largest group to whom speeding tickets are issued. The option to escape from fines putting in hours doing community service has been designed keeping in mind such kids. 30 to 40 hours of unpaid social service in a hospital or for cleaning rooms waives off the fine amount.